“My clothes don’t yell,
they whisper!”

In 2017, at twenty-seven years of age, designer Alina Avram managed to open her own fashion house in Constanta, Romania. With her skill and the scope of her creative vision, she is working to make her mark in the fashion industry.

The young girl who learned to sew at first by self-training now heads a label that promises to become a national icon, captivating clientele with her unexpected tailoring and complex silhouettes.

From demi-couture to ready to wear pieces, with complex cut and exclusively hand-embroidery, her clothes are often inspired by the beauty of one’s personality – the most luxurious jewel a woman can have, the only one, always different and unique, as her designs are.

Classicism is combined with extravagance giving birth to a perfect symbiosis of a timeless and at the same time opulent wardrobe.

Using delicate tulle, French lace and intricate hand embroidery as the key features, AA’s mission is to create a glamorous luxury product.

The team in the atelier tailor every element of the design process to the client, with personal fittings and meticulous consultation being an integral part of Alina Avram demi-couture experience.

The source of inspiration is women. Their beauty, feminity and sexuality are reflected in silhuottes and cut, temperament and charisma in designs and fabrics.